Usui Reiki Attunement Day

From 10am – 4pm
Held at our studio ‘The Sanctuary’, Dorking, Surrey
Maximum two persons

What the day consists of

We will open with a short, guided meditation and then begin to run through the Reiki Manual of the appropriate level together – you will receive your own copy.

During the day, I will carry out the Attunements whilst you are seated on a chair and I move around you tapping the sacred symbols into the crown, third eye, heart and palm chakras. Each Attunement beds the symbols further into your energy field.

There will be a break for lunch, and plenty tea, coffee and water available all day.
Please bring with you a light lunch.

After the Attunements, I will fully explain the 21 day Reiki Clearance. This simply entails giving yourself some healing on a chakra for a few minutes each day, beginning with the Base Chakra through to the Crown, then starting again at the Base, hence 21 days.

Following your clearance, I then invite you back to award you your Certificate for the appropriate Reiki Level and share with you how to give a healing in more depth. This lasts up to two hours and is included in the initial cost. You will then be able to practice your healing skills on others if you wish, now that your energy field has been cleared.


Reiki Level I: £150.00
Reiki Level II: £250.00
Reiki Level III: £350.00
payable on the day by cash or bank transfer

To include the Reiki Manual, Certificate, Instruction, and the opportunity to attend regular Reiki Shares at ‘The Sanctuary’, where you will meet others attuned like yourself, and be given the chance to give and receive healings, work together, learn further techniques, and generally share your experiences.

For any further information, please contact Heather.


Having felt such benefits from Reiki, I am now undertaking to become practiced in the art of healing myself. Heather is an extremely knowledgeable teacher, and inspires you to feel confident in your own abilities. She is patient and kind, empathetic and nurturing. I am indebted to her for introducing me to a way of living that has changed the way I view the world.

Caroline Holford