The Body Mirror System was developed by Sir Martin Brofman PhD, a former Wall Street computer expert and student of comparative religion, through his experiences of releasing himself of a terminal illness (inoperable cancer of the spine), which traditional medicine had considered hopeless and untreatable. He returned to perfect health.

This system is based on the idea that your body reflects your life. The parts of your body that don’t work well reflect the parts of your life about which there is tension in your consciousness. Tension is stress and stress causes symptoms.

If you want to release a symptom, it’s important to release the stress that created that symptom, by bringing harmony to the parts of your life that haven’t been working well.

The Body Mirror System can provide the means of identifying the specific tensions creating the particular symptoms, as well as the tools designed to release these symptoms.

No physical manipulation is involved, only a light touch, if any, when it doesn’t conflict with someone’s philosophies or sensitivities.

No medical advice, treatment or diagnosis is offered – that is reserved for members of the medical profession. Appointments in Dorking, Surrey are for one hour (see below) and can be taken either sitting in a chair or lying on a treatment couch, fully clothed.

The Body Mirror System is a chakra technology.

The chakras are energy centres that each represent a portion of your consciousness and particular part of your body. When something in the body is out of balance and therefore in the consciousness, this condition is reflected in the chakras.

Returning to the experience of wholeness (healing) happens through understanding and using the proper tools to rebalance the chakras, and releasing limiting ideas that inhibit the process. It is then possible to again experience our natural state of health and happiness.

For further information please visit Martin Brofman's website;

Heather offers a treatment which incorporates the Body Mirror System, Reiki (Usui) and an Angel Card Reading (Doreen Virtue trained).