Nei Gong – weekly class, Monday

Classes begin with warming and holding exercises called Jing Gong, each collecting energy. In order to circulate this energy, we then practice one of several Dong Gong, each of which is a very individual and continuous dynamic movement. This flow of circulating energy known as Qi or Chi, is a unique form of life force which flows through the meridian channels (energy pathways) to nourish and support the organs of the body, leading to an increased sense of well-being.

Each Dong Gong is practised for several weeks for students to fully experience and enjoy. They cover a range of movements from lying down, sitting cross legged, standing.

The gentle but powerful movements are practiced within the limits of your own body’s ability. There is no competition with other students, only cooperating by tuning in and feeling what’s happening inside your own body. Listening to your body’s subtle messages. Each of us may have energy blocked in different places in our body, which makes this journey of clearing your pathways unique to you.

All of this we explore in a Nei Gong class. We share and understand the movements more deeply with mindful relaxation, breathing awareness, and guided meditation to bring you further in touch with your body, mind and spirit.

Students of all ages with historic or current injuries, or disabilities which can prevent lying or sitting on a mat, may benefit from Nei Gong practice. In these cases we gently explore the range of movement possible and work within those parameters, working with the energy flow, not forcing the body, but opening slowly. In this regard it is recommended to begin with one to one sessions.

Classes are kept small – generally 6-8 students – to ensure that full care and attention can be given to each.

Venue: The Sanctuary, Dorking, Surrey – in person and by zoom.

17.15 – 18.15

1 hour class £10
Advance payment of £70.00 will give you 8 classes, enjoying a free class.

To book, please contact Heather


Since starting Nei Gong with Heather I have noticed a change in my ability to switch off from stress and just be still in the moment. This is a wonderful tool for bringing more calm and contentment into your life. Heather is an empathic, dedicated teacher and full of wisdom.

Angela Ashcroft

As someone who had been through a serious trauma, the quiet power of Nei Gong helped me to find an inner calm through meditative exercise and energy work. Throughout the wave of Covid lockdowns, I was able to attend remotely on Zoom, and found the communal pratice very powerful. Heather is a wonderful teacher - so generous with her knowledge, calming and confidence building.

Caroline Holford