About Chi Weave

Healing and Meditative Movement to balance body, mind and spirit

Chi Weave founder –
Heather Hendry

Chi Weave is the umbrella for the following disciplines:

  • Nei Gong
  • Reiki founded by Dr Usui (Japan)
  • Body Mirror System founded by Martin Brofman
  • Rahanni Celestial Healing, 5th dimensional healing working on the heart centre.
  • Angel Therapy, Doreen Virtue trained, giving messages of hope and direction from the use of oracle and wisdom cards.

Practising privately since 2006 as a Reiki Master and Teacher, I have also regularly volunteered Reiki to various charities over the years. Since 2016, I’ve enjoyed being a member of the Complementary Health Team as a volunteer Reiki Therapist at the Macmillan Cancer Support Centre, East Surrey Hospital.

Nei Gong is the perfect companion to all these therapies as each in their own way contributes to balancing energy.

Deeply committed to helping others awaken to the truth that there is no limit to their own potential, I encourage students to explore and experience the feeling of energy within their bodies, and increase their self-awareness thereby developing focus and coordination.

Nei Gong is an inner silence, fulfilling the need to slow down in our hectic lives and become present.

At this moment I am the only teacher of this form in the UK, working chiefly in Surrey and London, with an open view to holding workshops elsewhere.

Classes & Workshops

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Heather has been giving me Reiki for about 6 months, I have loved every session and I’m hooked!. I knew nothing about it before I first tried when it was offered by MacMillan Redhill as I was recovering from Cancer. I wish I could understand, let alone explain how she does it, but the reality is that I feel re-balanced, re-energised, extremely peaceful, re-centred and at the risk of sounding corny, I actually feel loved.

As well as being a great Reiki practitioner, she is a delightful human being, she is both able to concentrate on me very deeply but also lighten up and joke when it is appropriate. For Christmas I booked her to come to our home and give Reiki to my husband and to 2 of our children who are now young adults, and they have all felt the same. I was specifically impressed by Heather’s ability to deal with our son who, being on the spectrum, was rather reluctant to try something new. He came out saying he’d like to have another session!

Babette Bluett-Duncan
Art of Living cookshops, Reigate

Since starting Nei Gong with Heather I have noticed a change in my ability to switch off from stress and just be still in the moment. This is a wonderful tool for bringing more calm and contentment into your life. Heather is an empathic, dedicated teacher and full of wisdom.

Angela Ashcroft

From my first session with Heather, I have felt the benefits of Reiki healing. I was in terrible pain - both emotional and physical and it seemed as though Heather was able to pinpoint exactly where to unblock and release the negative emotions trapped in my body. From not being able to walk very easily, and in tears most days, I can now honestly say that my life has taken on a new chapter. Coupled with Heather's guided meditation, Reiki healing has played an enormous part in this recovery.

Caroline Holford